Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The House of Brews Huntsville, AL

After Mason's Pub, we walked one block up Washington St to Northside Sq., a very pretty pedestrian area of downtown. Our destination was The House of Brews, a combination coffee house and beer bar. The first floor of the building houses the coffee shop and they provide free wifi. It is a wide open space with an industrial warehouse feel to it. You can order either coffee or beer downstairs, but the actual bar is upstairs. Here you find another open floor plan with tables and seats scattered around all facing a small stage where they frequently have live music. The actual bar is in the back and very small. They only have a handful of taps, but they were all devoted to craft beer. Among the offerings were Terrapin Rye, Brooklyn Brown, Blue Moon, Murphy's, and Sam Adams. As with Mason's, I wasn't taking notes and I've since forgotten the others. They also have a rather impressive bottle collection in a cooler sitting next to the bar. I didn't take a very close look, but I noticed many imported choices.

This was a cool little spot, but I'm not sure I would make it a destination in and of itself. I could see getting a pre-dinner beer here, eating at Mason's, then coming back after for either beer or coffee depending on preference. The downstairs is more social, very well lit, lots of traffic. The upstairs is more chill, darker, a place to sit and enjoy the live music. There's also an outdoor seating area, which was perfect on a warm late-summer evening.


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