Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eli Cannon's

We went to Eli's last night for the Southampton tasting. Again, I forgot my camera so I was unable to take a picture of one of the boards. From what I remember, in addition to the standards (Stella, Boddington's, Guinness, Hoegaarden etc...) they had:

Southampton Double White
Southampton Tripel
Southampton Burton Ale (Cask)
Southampton Pumpkin
Southampton Oktoberfest
Southampton Espresso Stout
Great Divide Samurai
Smuttynose IPA
Trinity IPA
Acme IPA
Rogue Mocha Porter
Erdinger Hefe
Schneider Original
Opa Raspberry Wheat
Sam Adams Oktoberfest
(plus more, I think)

A great lineup of Southampton products, but unfortunately the tasting was a bit lame. Tasting is actually a misnomer since there really wasn't a tasting. Or glassware. Instead, you could buy Phil Markowski's book Farmhouse Ales for $20 and have him sign it. I opted out because Saisons/Bier de Gardes are a style I'd rather just buy than try to homebrew. At least now. Plus, you can buy the book for $12 on Amazon.

We still had a great time and I enjoyed the Burton cask and the Tripel very much. My third was the Trinity IPA, which I've never seen before in CT. It was OK. I also got to try the fried cheesecake. Mmmmm, fried cheeecake....


Loren said...

I didn't see you last night. Were you purposely avoiding our little crowd?


Dave said...

No! I was with 4 people on the right side of the restaurant area. It was actually very quite where we were. The door was open so we just snuck out the back after we paid and avoided the crowd at the bar.