Monday, October 8, 2007

Homebrew "Porter"

Yesterday I transferred my porter to secondary after one week bubbling away. This was a strange primary for me because I was still seeing activity in the airlock a week after pitching. Usually activity ceases for the most part after 4 days.

The transfer went fine with a FG of 1.010, which might actually go down more if there's still work to be done in secondary. Right now it stands at a respectable 5.5% ABV. The color is a bit on the light side for a porter, but I was reasonably sure it would be going in. The taste though...the taste is the reason for this post. It is unlike any porter I've ever tasted. I've had hoppy porters, but this, this was insane. When I said I increased the hops in the recipe, I guess I wasn't kidding around. Instead of making a hoppy porter, it appears as though I've made an IPA with porter-like qualities. Even Mandy said "it doesn't taste much like a porter..." this from someone who has never had a bad word to say about my homebrew...even that weird coffee stout experiment. The beer actually tasted very good and was very interesting, it just wasn't what I was shooting for. At all.

In conclusion, it appears that I messed up one of the simplest styles to make. I can't give this to people and tell them it's a porter. So, I've decided to be a visionary and become a pioneer in the evolution of a new beer style: India Brown (or Dark) Ale. To prove that I'm not off my rocker, here are three examples of established beers that I seem to be unintentionally mimicing: Willimantic Valentines Mail India Dark Ale, Terrapin India Brown Ale, and Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery's India Brown Ale. Of these, I've had the Willimantic and it's very good. I'll be very happy if it ends up tasting like that.

I guess I'm either a terrible homebrewer or a visionary...I'll let you decide. At least wait until it's ready to drink though!


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