Monday, August 6, 2007


I guess all blogs require an introduction...

My wife Mandy and I have been exploring the world of craft beer for the past 4-5 years and have shared quite a few adventures in search of local goodies during our vacations. I used to try to review the beers I drank and the places we visited on Beeradvocate, but it never "took." Writing the beer reviews became a chore and I realized I wasn't having as much fun actually drinking the beer. Since then, my focus became the beer and the experience of drinking it and enjoying the company I was in. Still, I felt like I was missing a small piece of the puzzle by not writing about the glorious places we've discovered. I was more interested in writing about the experiences though, as opposed to the technical guidelines laid out by both Beeradvocate and Ratebeer.

As I was explaining to my wife that I've taken to reading many various beer blogs for my beer information, she suggested I start one myself. I was initially opposed as I'm not really sure I have much of worth to say and I'm wondering if another random blog is what the world needs. I obviously changed my mind and I'm hoping this can become that missing puzzle piece. At the very least, it will provide a place for me to catalog all our various brewery and brewpub visits.

We live in CT, so most of our travel will center around the New England area. However, we visit (via car) Mandy's parents in Huntsville, AL at least twice a year. These long car trips usually afford us a few beer related stops along the way.

If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy.

Oh, the name of the blog vom Fass literally means "from the barrel" in German and is used to distinguish draft beer from bottled beer in Germany. I just got back a few weeks ago from a trip to Europe (Paris, Switzerland, Munich) and fell in love with Munich. I can't wait to get back and explore more of this wonderful country.

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