Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spring Cleaning Continues

I'm getting closer every night to having an empty beer fridge, not counting all my big beers of course. Last night it was Lagunitas Sirius Ale, a "double" cream ale of sorts, weighing in at 7.6% ABV. I really have no idea how old this was. The Lagunitas website says it is released in May of every year and I'm pretty sure I bought this back in the fall, so I'm thinking it's at least a year old. Wow.

I wasn't looking forward to this. In fact, I was almost dreading it to the point where I almost just poured it down the drain instead of transferring it from the warm case to the cold fridge. I had two left from the six pack and my first experience with them wasn't very good. I didn't take notes, but I remember it being harsh and hot from the increased alcohol. Cream ales are supposed to be smooth and easy to drink; this particular cream ale failed in that capacity. I remember having trouble finishing both bottles that I personally drank and even my BIL, who will drink anything, didn't seem to like it when I pawned them off on him.

I didn't want to abuse the beer more than I already had by leaving it in a warm case for a year though, so I tried to gain a little good karma and cracked one open. I was pleasantly surprised. The alcohol had cooled off admirably. It was much smoother with the slightest bit of hoppy bitterness. It was much more drinkable and I actually enjoyed it. So much so that I look forward to drinking the second one.

This was definitely one of the better surprises this undertaking has produced. An aged cream ale, who would've thunk it?

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